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So you have made the important decision to get ordained and then you are looking for the best place to get ordained online. Becoming a minister is a big decision and some people take that decision to Divinity School. Divinity School however cost the price of a college tuition which is very expensive sometimes more than $50,000. There’s a faster way to get ordained and that’s by getting ordained online. Those who get ordained online have the initial worry that maybe it’s not real. But in fact there are many reputable organizations online that issue ordination certificates and a very legitimate way. Below there is a list that we will work to organize so those who are considering getting ordained online can refer to it and see an hour directory of online ordination churches you can pick one that works best for you. If you are a representative of one of these institutions that way consider the best place to get ordained online then please contact us to provide any more information that prospective ministers priests priestesses or other clergy may use to consider their decision more fully.

  1. Universal Love Church –
  2. Open Ministry –
  3. ULC –
  4. The Monestary –
  5. UN Ministry

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Why Become a Minister – Answering the Calling

Why would anyone become a minister there are many reasons why people decide to answer the culling of the ministry. In this article we will go through the reasons why people like to commit their lives to becoming a priest Priestess or some other type of clergy. Oftentimes a calling to the ministry begins with a transformation. When someone has a radical experience in life because they’ve hit bottom somehow and the only way up is to help others. Becoming a minister gives many people who have been at the bottom the chance to redeem themselves and also contribute to society in a better way. However there are also times when ministers know from a very young age that they have felt a calling from God to devote their lives to the ministry. There are so many reasons why ministers are called to service and that service can range from many different activities. Ministers too many different things from the common stereotypical sermon to visiting people’s houses when they are sick. They also find that being a pastoral counselor is something useful. But many people don’t realize that pastors especially pastors of large churches don’t do it all. They pick one area like pastoral care or giving sermons or this kind of thing to focus on. In the next blog we will discuss the ways that prospective ministers make it ordained online. We are compiling a helpful resource for those to consider Which churches online to get their ordinations from. If you have any experience or feedback in this area feel free to contact us or comment.